Membership Eligibility

Teamsters with Joint Council 32 and the following Locals are eligible to join Teamsters Credit Union. Family relatives are also in the field of membership to join.


Local 90

General Drivers

Des Moines, IA

Local 120


General Drivers


Blaine, MN
Des Moines, IA
Dubuque, IA
Fargo, ND
Sioux Falls, SD

Local 238


Chauffeurs, Teamsters and Helpers


Cedar Rapids, IA
Des Moines, IA
Mason City, IA
Waverly, IA
West Burlington, IA

Local 289

Bakery, Laundry, Allied Sales Drivers and Warehousemen

Minneapolis, MN

Local 320

Public and Law Enforcement Employees

Minneapolis, MN

Local 346

General Drivers, Dairy Employees, Warehousemen, Helpers and Inside Employees

Duluth, MN

Local 471

Milk Drivers and Dairy Employees

Minneapolis, MN

Local 638

Miscellaneous Drivers, Helpers and Warehousemen

Minneapolis, MN
Bismarck, ND

Local 792


Allied Sales Drivers, Ambulance, Beer, Brewery, Grain
Elevator, Retail Liquor, Livery, Malt House, Spring Water,
Soft Drink, Taxicab, Vending Drivers, Helpers, Inside
Employees and General Workers

Minneapolis, MN


Local 970

Metal Shop, Warehousemen and Helpers Union

Minneapolis, MN

Local 974

Garage Maintenance, Machine Warehousemen,
Repairmen, Inside Men and Helpers and Plastic Employees

Minneapolis, MN

Local 1145

Honeywell and Alliant Techsystems

Minneapolis, MN

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